FSCJ Student ID

The FSCJ student ID is a multiple function card that can be used for the following applications:

  1. Official Florida State College at Jacksonville Identification

  2. An access device for Essential Bucks accounts to be used for on-campus pay for printing and copying.

  3. Access to the Florida State College at Jacksonville library system.

  4. The FSCJ student ID is the official identification card of Florida State College at Jacksonville. It is required to access College services and facilities, including campus events, library and pay for print printers and copier services. All IDs are the property of the College. If your ID is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement can be obtained by visiting the Library and Learning Commons area with a receipt from Student Financial Services stating that the $10 replacement fee has been paid. For complete terms and conditions, visit the FSCJ Student ID webpage.

In accordance to APM 06-0904, College Issued Identification Cards, all students attending classes at FSCJ shall openly display their College issued ID while on campus. If a student is not openly displaying their College issued ID, students shall produce their issued College ID card upon request by any College security officer, law enforcement officer or other College employee. This is designed to help promote and ensure the safety of everyone within our campus community.

When voting you can use a Florida driver license, U.S. passport, military ID, etc., as photo ID according to section 101.043 of Florida’s Polling Place Procedures Manual as long as the ID card has your picture and signature on it. However, if you do not have access to these forms of identification, an FSCJ student ID with a signature line will work as a photo ID that you can provide when voting. FSCJ student IDs have a signature line and can be used as a photo ID when voting if you are already registered to vote in Duval County and Nassau County. If you are getting a student ID for the first time, your ID card will have a signature line on it. If you already have an FSCJ Student ID, but would like a new one with the signature line, there is a $10 replacement card fee in order to get the new card. You can visit your nearest FSCJ Library and Learning Center to pick up a new FSCJ student ID.