FSCJ Online

For many students today, family, work, and personal responsibilities often take priority for their time and can become a barrier to attaining educational goals. As technologies continue to advance and new expectations and personal preferences for work/life balance evolve, online learning has, for many, become the most practical and convenient mode of learning. Students have the option to enroll in traditional distance learning online (asynchronous) courses in which they are expected to complete coursework according to the syllabus and course calendar, but generally there are no scheduled class times or dates to meet virtually. Students alternatively can choose to enroll in “live online” (synchronous) courses, in which the instructor meets the class as a group in Canvas (a Learning Management System or LMS), through myFSCJ, at regular, designated days and times. Students are expected to spend time studying the material, completing exercises, and submitting work during the set class time as well as on their own time as required. Online courses require minimal or no attendance on site for course activities.

At FSCJ Online, courses are delivered through an LMS that offers a variety of tools for building and delivering instructional content, promoting course interactions, providing course activities and assessments, and monitoring learning progress. In addition, the LMS includes several communication tools that allow students to virtually interact with fellow classmates and connect with the instructor via synchronous and asynchronous communication methods from different locations. Some online courses utilize publisher-supported online learning platforms in conjunction with Canvas. Students are required to have reliable Internet access and a computer that meets technical requirements.

Online Student Resources, Services and Academic Support

FSCJ Online offers various resources and tools to support student success in an online learning environment:

  • Career Coach

  • FSCJ Library Guides

  • Library and Learning Commons Online Access

  • LMS Tutorials and Demonstrations

  • MyGradPlan

  • Netiquette (Online Manners)

  • Online Tutoring

  • Online Writing Resources

  • Proctored Exam Options

  • Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Student Assistance Program

  • Technical Support

Online courses are rigorous and require significant study time and regular participation, motivation, and self-discipline. Students new to college or online learning are encouraged to take a limited number of online courses to familiarize themselves and adapt to online course workload expectations before signing up for a full online schedule. Online students can choose to complete specific coursework or a full degree program. They will receive the same student support and academic resources available to those attending traditional (face-to-face) clasroom instruction or hybrid classes. To learn more about current online degrees and certificates, visit the FSCJ Online webpage.