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    Florida State College at Jacksonville
  Oct 02, 2023
2023-2024 Catalog [Aug. 2023-Aug. 2024] 
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2023-2024 Catalog [Aug. 2023-Aug. 2024]

Computer Information Technology (2153) (A.S.)

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Associate in Science


The mission of the Information Technology Associate in Science degree is to prepare students to enter or advance in the field of information technology by combining traditional college education with hands-on training and internship. The curriculum integrates technical skills, general education knowledge, and breadth of knowledge in the information technology field that prepares students for a respected entry-level through advanced career as a developer, software engineer, programmer-analyst, customer support specialist, database developer, or web developer.

The Program

The Computer Information Technology program prepares you for a respected career as a developer, programmer, programmer-analyst, database developer, or web developer. You’ll study program and systems design, computer communications, database development, web development, customer support, and software development in specific languages. Our relationship with Microsoft’s Developer Network Academic Alliance allows you to download a free, licensed copy of the Microsoft server and developer applications, operating systems, and integrated development environments for programming languages taught in your classes. A 50-hour internship is included in the program to provide valuable work experience.

The Computer Information Technology degree program allows you to focus in one of four career tracks:

  • Software Development Track: The Software Development Track allows for specialization in software development using modern languages. Students may select 9 credits from C language, C++, C#, Java, Java EE or Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, CAPM, Special Topics, or Introduction to IT.
    Note: Students who select COP 2073C to satisfy elective coursework options are strongly recommended to take STA 2023 prior to enrollment into the course.
  • Web Track: The Web Track allows for specialization in web development using modern web technologies. Students may select 9 credits from web design, web management, Special Topics, or Introduction to IT.
  • Database Track: The Database Track allows for specialization in database development using modern database technologies. Students may select 9 credits from Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, database administration, M.S. Access database, Special Topics, or Introduction to IT.

A minimum grade of C or higher is required in all professional coursework.

Embedded Certificate(s)

Five technical certificates are available within this degree program: Web Development Specialist (6954) (T.C.) , Database Development Specialist (6955) (T.C.) , Computer Programming Specialist (6956) (T.C.) Information Technology Support Specialist (6280) (T.C.) , and Information Technology Analysis (6281) (T.C.) . Students may pursue the A.S. degree and earn technical certificates while completing the requirements for the degree, or pursue one or more certificates to develop or upgrade their skills in a particular field. Contact an advisor to determine the career education path that is best for you.

Please note that by being enrolled in this degree program you may automatically meet the requirements for one of the aforementioned technical certificates. If you meet the requirements for a technical certificate, as a result of being enrolled in this degree program, you may automatically be awarded the technical certificate(s) upon meeting their requirements as well. If you choose to opt out of this automatic awarding of a technical certificate, please contact an advisor to do so.

The Career

Computer developers are the people who change our lives as much as the fellow who invented the wheel. Without developers, computers are useless. Applications developers design, write, test, and debug software programs. Systems developers oversee and integrate the work of applications developers and serve as technical advisors to systems analysts, application programmers, and operations personnel.

Need More Information? Contact:

Technology Department, (904) 598-5676 or


General Education Coursework

Credit Hours: 15

Professional Coursework

Credit Hours: 36

A minimum grade of C or higher is required in all Professional coursework.

Professional Elective Coursework

Minimum Credit Hours: 9

Students may select from any of the Professional Elective coursework options listed below.  Students are not required to select a specific track option.  Specialized track options are listed as suggestions only for students who want to select specific coursework to complement career goals and certifications.  A minimum grade of C or higher is required in all Professional Elective coursework. 

Software Development Track
Web Track
Database Track
Total Credit Hours: 60

Graduation Requirements

In order to be awarded the associate in science degree, students must have met the following requirements:

  1. Fulfill all academic requirements for the chosen program of study as outlined in the Florida State College at Jacksonville catalog and curriculum.
  2. Earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) at Florida State College at Jacksonville in courses eligible toward the Associate in Science degree programs, excluding developmental education courses (A.S. Florida State College at Jacksonville GPA).
  3. Earned an all-college cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) on a 4.0 scale on all courses attempted. This includes Florida State College at Jacksonville college-credit semester hours and transferred credits (excluding developmental education) in lower division courses (All college cumulative).
  4. Complete a minimum of 25 percent of the total hours required for the program in residence at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Credit by examination and credit for prior learning do not count toward this residency requirement.
  5. Complete the required semester hours, as specified by the degree, of which a minimum of 15 semester hours must be General Education requirements.
  6. Demonstrated competency in civic literacy in accordance with s. 1007.25, Florida Statutes (F.S.) at and State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.02413, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) at Pursuant to guidelines established by Senate Bill 1108, competency is demonstrated by completion of one of two civic literacy courses (either AMH 2020  or POS 2041 ) with a grade of C or higher AND by achievement of the standard score on a state-approved assessment.
  7. Earned a grade of a C or higher in each course used to satisfy the general education requirements and any other area designated with a C or higher requirement.
  8. Fulfill all obligations, financial or otherwise, to the College before graduating.
Note: Students are cautioned to pay particular attention to the following statements.
  • A student’s graduation date will be the date of the end of the College term in which the student has fulfilled all academic requirements. (The removal of an incomplete grade does not affect students’ graduation dates since the grade change is effective at the end of the term in which the incomplete grade was assigned rather than the term in which the incomplete work was made up.)
  • Students who enter under the (2023/2024) catalog will be assigned to the degree or certificate requirements in effect during the 2023/2024 academic year. The student’s assigned catalog year will remain in effect as long as the student maintains continuous enrollment. Changes to requirements as mandated by law or by rule of the District Board of Trustees may supersede this provision.
  • Many courses in this catalog have prerequisite and/or corequisite courses which are listed in the course descriptions. Students are advised to be guided by these requirements.
  • Students who place into developmental education courses are required to complete designated developmental education courses with a grade of C or higher regardless of program of study.

Baccalaureate Transfer

The Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degree programs are intended primarily for students who desire to complete an Associate in Science degree or an Associate in Applied Science degree and become employed. Students who decide to pursue baccalaureate transfer study must meet certain course and test requirements. For details, visit the Transfer Services page at or refer to the Baccalaureate Transfer Guide at

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