Reading for Adults B (Face-to-Face)   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Catalog [Aug. 2022-Aug. 2023]

ABX 0215A - Reading for Adults B (Face-to-Face)

The purpose of Adult Basic Education is to give students an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills related to the area of basic literacy and life skills for adults who are performing at or below the ninth-grade level. The content develops basic literacy in all areas of knowledge but specifically in the area of language. After 50 hours of remediation, a student may be eligible to retake state approved assessment for advancement.


This program is divided into Reading, Mathematics, and Language Arts Literacy Completion Points (LCPs). Progress through levels (LCPs) may be measured by approved standardized tests or documentation of mastery of competencies. It is not intended that students will progress through the performance standards sequentially. The instructor may present topic-centered lessons that integrate benchmarks from several performance standards. All activities are developed to be done either individually or in groups.

The computer skills are encouraged but not required, as access to computer technology is not provided to every student. The computer sections are optional and will not be necessary to earn Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs) and/or Literacy Completion Points (LCPs).

This basic level non-credit course is designed to provide adult learners with basic literacy and life skills needed to be successful in school, society, and the workplace. Instruction is provided for developing vocabulary, recalling information, using graphic information, constructing meaning, and extending meaning from a wide range of informational and literary texts. Instruction is provided for developing written communication for correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Students will also learn to use a four-step writing process that includes prewriting, writing a draft, editing, and revising to develop and produce multi-paragraph compositions.

Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Credit Hours: None
Contact Hours: 64
Conditions: Face-to-Face; NRS Level 2; This course will become inactive beginning Fall Term 2023.
Degrees Offered: None