Admissions Requirements for Upper Division College Credit Programs

  1. Must have earned an Associate in Science (A.S.), Associate in Arts (A.A.), or a minimum of 60 hours of transferable college credit or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a GPA of 2.0 or above. The institution must have been regionally accredited at the time the degree or credits were awarded.

  2. Must have met all requirements for college preparatory work.

  3. Selective Admissions: All upper division programs have additional admissions requirements as established by the College administration, Florida Statutes, and/or State Board of Education rule.

    1. Additional requirements may include a higher grade-point-average requirement;

    2. Admissions requirements are published on the program curriculum pages;

    3. In compliance with state law, graduates from public Florida state or community colleges are eligible for priority admissions to upper division programs.

  4. Provisional Upper Division Admission: Students who do not meet all the requirements for an upper division baccalaureate program may be provisionally admitted to the baccalaureate program with approval of the appropriate dean or dean’s designee.

    1. When provisionally admitted, students will be informed of the specific conditions required for full admission.

    2. Students must meet conditions for full admission within one semester from the date of provisional admission.

    3. Students who are admitted provisionally to baccalaureate programs must as a priority enroll in coursework that will fulfill conditions for full admissions status to their intended program of study during the term of provisional admission.

    4. Requests for enrollment in upper division courses by provisionally admitted students must be considered and approved by special exception by the appropriate dean or the dean’s designee.

    5. When the conditions for full admission have been satisfied the hold on enrollment in upper division courses may be lifted by the appropriate dean or dean’s designee.

    6. Students participating in college preparatory (remedial) course work are ineligible for provisional admission.

  5. Non-Degree Seeking Upper Division Students: Non-degree seeking students may be admitted to enroll in courses for which the student meets all program requirements and course prerequisites on a space available basis. Enrollment in upper division courses requires submission of all postsecondary transcripts prior to registration as well as the approval of the appropriate dean or dean’s designee.