Graduation and Commencement Ceremony

Each term all students meeting program and State of Florida mandated requirements will be automatically graduated. The graduation date will be the end of the college term in which the student fulfills all academic requirements. All obligations, financial or otherwise to the college must be fulfilled. A graduation notation will be made on the student’s transcript. Diplomas will be mailed six to eight weeks after the degree, certificate, or diploma is awarded.

The College holds one commencement exercise each year at the end of the second academic term, generally in May. Graduates from the preceding summer term and fall term as well as potential graduates for spring term are strongly encouraged to attend the ceremony. Refer to the College’s Commencement webpage for more information about commencement and graduation.

Note: The annual commencement program is printed prior to the recording of grades for the spring term. For commencement program purposes only, it is necessary to identify honors designation for graduation candidates based upon their cumulative grade point average at the beginning of the spring term.

Baccalaureate Degree Honors

Latin Honors distinction for the bachelor degrees is determined by students’ cumulative grade point average as follows:

  • Cum Laude: 3.50-3.64

  • Magna Cum Laude: 3.65-3.79

  • Summa Cum Laude: 3.80 or higher

Lower Division Honors Recognition

Honors or High Honors graduation for associate in arts, associate in science, and associate in applied science degrees is determined by the student’s cumulative grade point average as follows:

  • Honors: 3.50-3.74

  • High Honors: 3.75-4.00