Campus Policies

Children on Campus

Florida State College at Jacksonville is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to learning. Parents and guardians are expected to assist the College in maintaining an appropriate and productive environment. While visiting campus, children should be accompanied by adults at all times. Children are allowed to accompany parents on campus to schedule necessary appointments. However, for the most effective use of time, children under the age of 16 are otherwise not permitted during instruction-related appointments, in instructional areas, and areas providing instruction-related services (e.g., classrooms, assessment areas, libraries, tutoring centers, orientations, and workshops). Every attempt should be made to arrange for appropriate child care off campus or at the child development centers on campus prior to your visit. An exception to this rule is the joint-use FSCJ Nassau Center Library.

Distribution of Leaflets and Posters

Students who want to distribute or post printed material such as posters, leaflets, or fliers on campus must secure approval from their campus or center Student Engagement Center in advance.

The Student Engagement Center will provide students with lists of certain rules governing the distribution of printed materials. The purpose of these rules is to keep the campus attractive and free of litter.

Student Travel

Request for student travel must be initiated by administration, faculty, coaches, club advisors, student engagement staff, etc., not the student.

Trip approval and travel requests may be obtained through the Student Engagement Center on each campus.

Trips that interfere with students’ classroom responsibilities are discouraged.

A faculty advisor will accompany the group or organization on all approved trips.

Regulation Changes

The College reserves the right to change rules, regulations, policies and procedures at any time.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Students may obtain valid parking decals that should be affixed to the motor vehicle which the individual operates, drives or parks on facilities of the college. To obtain a decal, students and employees should follow the FSCJ Parking Permit Registration Instructions. Once the online application has been submitted and processed, follow the instructions online. Bring the requested documents with you. Decals can be picked up at the designated Campus Security office.

Electronic Devices

Students must turn all electronic devices to silent modes, or turn them off, while class is in session. Electronic devices are prohibited in all Assessment and Certification test locations, including individual and group test rooms.