Admissions Requirements for Lower Division College Credit Programs

  1. Must have earned a standard or college-ready high school diploma or the equivalency of a high school diploma. In compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, 34 CFR 668.16 (p), validation of the high school transcript may be required. Should the quality of the educational program of the institution attended appear unsatisfactory, the College has the authority not to accept all, or any part, of the previously earned credit or diploma. An official high school transcript with graduation date is required for admission.

  2. Provisional Lower Division Admission: Individuals who have not graduated from high school may be provisionally admitted to the lower division in any of the following cases.

    1. Dual Enrollment: Individuals enrolled at a public or private high school or home school may be provisionally admitted if they meet the dual enrollment requirements in accordance with state statute and rules, and as detailed in dual enrollment agreements with local school districts, private schools, or with home-school families.

    2. Limited Special Admission (LSA): In order to accelerate postsecondary access for high school students who may be participants in Dual Enrollment, early college or other programming as defined by state statute and rules, the College offers LSA to individuals who meet specified criteria.

      1. Individuals (typically seniors) who are enrolled at a public or private high school or are home-schooled, who have not yet officially graduated, but can provide an affidavit/documentation verifying the completion of all Florida secondary graduation requirements by the end of the current academic year, may be eligible for LSA to the College. Individuals who can present verification of having completed the GED® test during the semester just prior to the college term for which they are seeking admission but who have not yet received scores from that exam at the time of registration may also be eligible for LSA to the College pending receipt of the official scores.

      2. LSA may not exceed one term of enrollment and a maximum of 12 credit hours. LSA will require the consent of the student’s parent or guardian, if a minor.

      3. Students enrolling under the LSA provision must be qualified for college level coursework per passing scores on an approved college placement assessment and are responsible for all tuition and fees and course materials.

      4. Students in this category must complete placement assessments and advising prior to registration.

      5. Continued enrollment beyond one semester for LSA students is contingent upon:

        1. The College’s receipt of an official high school transcript verifying graduation prior to the second term of postsecondary enrollment;

        2. The receipt of an official score report indicating passing scores on all sections of the GED® test; or

        3. In the case of a home-schooled student, a parent affidavit verifying completion of all Florida secondary graduation requirements.

  3. Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars: Lower division students who qualify for the Florida Department of Education Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars award may be guaranteed admission to a baccalaureate degree program.

    1. The student must meet all entry requirements for the specified baccalaureate degree while completing the relevant associate degree.

    2. Upon completion of the relevant associate’s degree, Bright Futures Academic Scholars will be admitted to the upper division program of study with no additional application process.

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