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    Florida State College at Jacksonville
  Sep 20, 2021
2020-2021 Catalog [Aug. 2020-Aug. 2021] 
2020-2021 Catalog [Aug. 2020-Aug. 2021] [Archived Catalog]

Academics: Academic Engagement

The Honors Program

The Honors Program offers associate in arts degree-seeking students the opportunity to be a part of an academic environment that is designed to foster academic excellence. Students have the opportunity to enroll in intellectually engaging honors courses with exceptional faculty and other outstanding students. In addition to their honors studies, students will have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities through service-learning. Please note: at this time, the Honors Program is for A.A. degree-seeking students only.

Students who meet the required high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher or who have the required college GPA of 3.2 or higher may apply for admittance into the Honors Program. To remain in good standing in the program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, earn a B or higher in all honors course sections, complete the required service-learning hours each semester, and attend/participate in at least two honors events each term.

To graduate from the Honors program, students must complete at least 15 honors credit hours (25% of the A.A. degree). Honors students will receive recognition at the commencement ceremony both with an honors stole and a note in the commencement program. Honors students will also receive recognition on their academic transcripts.

Honors students with 100 or more documented service-learning hours will receive a letter and a printed certificate titled “Recognition of Exceptional Service-Learning.” Honors students will also receive an FSCJ Exceptional Service-Learning Medallion, to be worn at the commencement ceremony.

For more information, please contact the FSCJ Honors program at

International Education Program

Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Center for International Education entails three program areas: 1) Study Abroad/Study U.S.A., 2) The Global Scholars Distinction, and 3) Co-Curricular International Learning Opportunities. The Center for International Education is located at our Downtown campus in Building A, Room 1114.

Florida State College at Jacksonville intends to offer opportunities for students to travel overseas in our study abroad programming. FSCJ’s study abroad programs are transformative academic experiences with an international perspective. While abroad, students gain knowledge about other societies and cultures, as well as themselves. These programs provide the participants with a unique opportunity to encounter art, architecture, cuisine, history, language, religion and philosophy from different peoples and cultures. Our study U.S.A. programming, which provides students the opportunity to broaden their experiences without leaving the United States, offers many benefits similar to our study abroad program. FSCJ’s faculty-led, short-term study abroad and study U.S.A. model is committed to providing safe, affordable learning opportunities for students.

In addition to study abroad and study U.S.A. programs, the Center for International Education supports the Global Scholars Distinction program. The Global Scholars Distinction program is dedicated to offering students a global education, which includes internationally focused coursework as well as cultural learning activities and experiences to help them compete in a global economy. It provides students with a way to participate in classes, programs and experiences that promote international awareness, appreciation for cultural diversity, language/communication awareness and cultural engagement. Students who complete the Global Scholars Distinction requirements will earn a printed certificate, earn a designation on their FSCJ transcript and receive special recognition at graduation, which includes a Global Scholars medallion.

The Global Scholars Distinction program requirements include the following:

  • Take 15 hours of Globally Focused Coursework
  • Participate in at least 8 Global Activities on campus
  • Complete at least 30 hours of Global Experiences either on or off campus
  • Complete a Capstone in which students reflect on their global activities and their place in the interconnected world.

In addition, the Center for International Education plans, facilitates and supports international co-curricular learning activities and events both on and off campus. These events are posted on the College’s events calendar at

For additional information about these programs, please contact the Center for International Education at or (904) 632-5096.

Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with academic learning goals and critical reflection to enrich the student learning experience and teach civic responsibility. Service-learning is considered a high-impact educational practice by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Service-learning engages students in the course materials, contributes to their personal and career development, promotes civic participation, and strengthens FSCJ’s relationship with our local community. Students who participate in service-learning gain skills in critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.

The FSCJ Center for Civic Engagement advances the College’s strategic initiatives on service-learning and civic engagement. Civic engagement is a broader category that includes service-learning and refers to individual and collective actions that address issues of public concern. The Center for Civic Engagement supports events and initiatives that provide opportunities for the FSCJ community to be involved in improving the broader community. The Center for Civic Engagement has two physical locations: at the Administrative Offices downtown at 501 W. State Street (Room AO-204C) and in the Jessie Ball duPont Center at 40 E. Adams Street (Suite 140), located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville.

Faculty who choose to integrate service-learning into their instruction will describe their expectations and requirements in the course. For example, students are expected to sign an Ethics and Commitments Agreement Form, engage in service to a community organization or event for a specified amount of time, acquire a supervisor’s signature on the Service-Learning Time Log and/or FSCJ SERVES ( to verify their hours, complete or participate in a reflection activity about their service-learning, and submit the completed forms to faculty.

The FSCJ Center for Civic Engagement can assist students who are assigned service-learning in their courses by connecting them to service opportunities in the community. The FSCJ Center for Civic Engagement also assists faculty and students with the supporting documentation [Ethics and Commitments Agreement Form, FSCJ SERVES ( and Service-Learning Time Log]. Additionally, the FSCJ Center for Civic Engagement conducts class presentations on service-learning and assists faculty and students with questions about this educational practice.