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    Florida State College at Jacksonville
  Apr 13, 2021
2017-2018 Catalog [Aug. 2017-Aug. 2018] 
2017-2018 Catalog [Aug. 2017-Aug. 2018] [Archived Catalog]

Appendix: Crime Awareness and Campus Security

Florida State College at Jacksonville is dedicated to providing a safe working and learning environment for all students, employees and guests. In order for individuals to promptly report criminal actions or other emergencies, a security office is maintained on each campus. The College's security officers are unarmed and do not have police powers, but they work closely with local law enforcement agencies on follow up actions or investigations related to criminal activities on campus. All students and employees are encouraged to promptly report any criminal or suspicious activity to the nearest Campus Security Office.

Security Offices

  • Administrative Offices: (904) 632-3396
  • Advanced Technology Center: (904) 633-8200
  • Cecil Center: (904) 779-4100
  • Cecil Center Aviation Programs: (904) 317-3803
  • Open Campus/Deerwood Center: (904) 997-2650
  • Downtown Campus: (904) 633-8200
  • Kent Campus: (904) 381-3688
  • North Campus: (904) 766-6608/6609
  • Nassau Center: (904) 548-4450
  • Urban Resource Center: (904) 633-8200
  • South Campus: (904) 646-2357

The College has no recognized fraternities or other off-campus student organizations, therefore no records are maintained on liquor, drugs or weapons violations by students associated with such organizations.

The College strictly prohibits:

  1. Consumption of alcohol on campus or at College functions, unless specifically approved by the College President or otherwise provided for by approved College policy or procedure;
  2. Use, manufacture or possession of illegal drugs or narcotics on campus or at College functions;
  3. Carrying any type of weapon, concealed or otherwise, on campus, except as part of the law enforcement training program and
  4. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) or use of tobacco products on College property.

The College must comply with the provisions of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, and other applicable laws pertaining to College safety and security practices. The College's Annual Security Report shall be posted on the College's website by October 1, each year. The College's crime reporting procedure can be found in APM 06-0909, Incident Reporting and Clery Compliance. To obtain a list of sexual offenders, visit to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or call (888) FL-PREDATOR.

Any student or employee reporting a sexual assault will be treated with respect and sensitivity. Contacts and conversations which transpire pursuant to this procedure will be held in confidence. Students who believe they have been sexually assaulted and wish further information or assistance may contact the appropriate Dean, Campus Security or other responsible College official for assistance. All reported cases will be referred to the appropriate Campus Security Office and it is strongly encouraged to report the offense to law enforcement authorities for appropriate follow-up and investigation. The security officer will complete a Security Incident Report and forward it to the College Equity Officer, and in the case of a student complainant, notify the appropriate Dean and/or Associate Vice President of Student Success.

An Annual Crime Statistics report is maintained for the number of occurrences for various crimes that have occurred on Florida State College at Jacksonville facilities for the last three years. The Annual Crime Statistics report can be found on the College's website contained within the Annual Security Report and Safety Guide. Campus crime statistics and a Daily Crime Log listing certain reported crimes are available at each Campus Security Office. Students can view the daily crime log for the most recent 60 days upon request at the Campus Security Office during business hours.

College APM 06-0910, Emergency Evacuation, establishes procedures and responsibilities for immediate communication and prompt evacuation or lockdown of College facilities in emergencies, if necessary to ensure the safety and well being of life and the protection of property.

Emergency Notification Text Alert Messages

Florida State College at Jacksonville has an Emergency Notification System (ENS) that enables the College to send urgent information and notifications to your cell phone and e-mail.

Individuals shall be given the option to receive ENS text-messages, e-mails, or both. All employees and students who have been assigned a College email address shall be automatically enrolled to receive e-mail notifications and are strongly encouraged to enroll for all forms of emergency notification messaging to include phone and text messaging. There is no provision for users having a FSCJ email account to opt-out of email emergency alert messaging. A link has been established in the College's PeopleSoft Portal to the vendor's ENS website for enrollment. Upon enrollment a text message or e-mail shall immediately be sent to the enrollee to validate that the account is working properly. Student enrollment shall be for one (1) year (phone and text messaging only), unless an individual opts out earlier. Students shall receive an email notice thirty (30) days prior to expiration. Student e-mail accounts will remain active to receive ENS messages.

Depending on your personal cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages, but there is no charge from the College for using this service.

The Emergency Notification System enables College officials to send alerts directly to the registered subscribers' e-mail accounts and mobile phones via text messages. This system gives the College the capability to push time-critical emergency information to employees and students on and off campus. Except for an occasional test message, the Emergency Notification System is intended only to be used for this emergency purpose.

To receive emergency notifications, log in to your student portal, click on the Emergency Notification System link in the Quick Links section, and follow the instructions. If you want to sign up for text messages you need to have your cell phone with you to receive a test message during the registration process. Once registered, you can update your account as necessary.

FSCJ Mobile Safety App

FSCJ now has a Mobile Safety App that can be downloaded free of charge to your smart phone. The free App can be accessed from the College's website or from your cell phone app store by searching 'FSCJSAFE'. The App allows users to access features including safety alerts (weather, active shooter, other emergency information), a campus safety news feed, emergency contact information, a mobile blue light feature, a virtual walk home feature that tracks the users route when activated (from classroom to car, etc.), report a crime tip, campus map, safety tool box, emergency plans, support resources and many other safety related features.